Interior design

Andome design offer a variety of design services that are tailored to your project and needs. We are attracted to spaces with the soul - the design of small spaces. To better understand your collaboration with us, please fill out the Design Planning page - Design Planning Form

Initial interior design consultation with suggestions for colour scheme, materials, style and lighting 86 €

Andome design typically work on both - private and commercial residential projects, including advising on investor-owned properties. After the consultation, room planning, drawings, design motifs, finishing materials and furniture choices are started.

After the consultation, we deliver a complete design concept, 2D / 3D drawings and continue consulting on everything to complete the project, including: visiting showrooms and vendors, ordering samples, purchasing materials, advising contractors on finishing techniques, and last-minute chasing and items.

Decorating services typically include defining a design style and choosing a wall treatment (paint / wallpaper), furnishing and purchasing furniture, flooring materials such as carpet selection, wall art, commissioning paintings, lighting strategies that may include choosing a finish. On-site planning with the builders discussing the main design highlights of the space. Initial consultation will be done on a volume of work basis and detailed time and cost will be calculated for each space and project aspect in the service contract. Projects typically cost € 6.79 / m2 per room.

Full home renovation projects can be very different. We recommend that you schedule a design consultation so that we can discuss the various factors associated with large-scale projects.